Are you a retailer or food service provider seeking to provide customers with more plant-based options? Are you developing a plant-based product or brand and looking to connect with investors or new distribution channels? Want to learn more about the rapidly growing plant-based marketplace? Consumers are choosing foods that make them feel healthy and have less impact on the environment — and plant-based businesses are booming. Join the future!

At Plant Based World, you will:

  • Participate in educational sessions with leading experts 
  • Experience case studies of successful implementation of plant-based options in retail and food service
  • Network with investors, brand developers and other business professionals
  • Learn how to get involved in this fast-growing sector
  • See the latest plant-based foods, products and services on the Expo floor
  • Share your ideas and expertise about the growth of the plant-based industry
  • Open a dialogue about how to increase business, while also making the planet a healthier and more sustainable place
  • Learn how to start transitioning to a plant-based lifestyle, and how to help your colleagues

Join with like-minded buyers, brand developers and investors to meet the ever-increasing demand for plant-based products and services around the globe. PBW will give you a better understanding of the ever-expanding plant-based industry and knowledge that you can start putting into action right away!

Registration will be available July 14, 2021.  

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