Spike MendelsohnChef, Restauranteur, Television PersonalityPLNT Burger

From chef and restaurateur to television personality, food policy advocate and entrepreneur, Spike Mendelsohn is a force to be reckoned with in the culinary world.

Spike has several restaurant concepts in the Washington DC area including PLNT Burger, Vim & Victor and We, The Pizza. Leveraging his close proximity to our nation’s capital, Spike combined his passion for food equity and education by working with organizations like CARE, DC Central Kitchen and Food Rescue US. He also serves as the chairman of DC’s Food Policy Council.

Spike’s desire to make a positive impact on our food system led to the founding of Eat The Change with friend and fellow entrepreneur, Seth Goldman. After collaborating on PLNT Burger, the two decided to launch a snack brand focused on chef-crafted, nutrient dense snacks that are kind to the planet.

Spike lives in the DC area with his wife, Cody, and their son. You can catch Spike surfing any river or ocean that has a wave or hanging out in the metaverse, buying NFTs and launching his latest project with Tom Colicchio, CHFTY Pizzas. From metaverse integration to pizza parties hosted around the globe, holders will be able to grab a virtual slice and connect with their favorite chefs and foods.