James CorwellCertified Master ChefBlue Dot Foods

From food related climate challenges, food sustainability, and food trends, Certified Master Chef James Corwell is addressing these issues for the next generation of plant-based foods. In the 35 years at the pinnacle of the epicurean world, Chef James has spent the last decade committed to creating and developing a variety of plant-based products that are sustainable, accessible, and affordable to consumers, food professionals, and businesses alike.

Working in Tokyo, Chef James saw first-hand the devastation created by overfishing and over consumption on a global level. While being a highly recognized Certified Master Chef, he was deeply unsatisfied with what he was witnessing, “It isn’t enough!” James became focused on plant-based foods and inventing new products the market had not yet seen. In 2014, he chose to take further action and became the original founder and Chief Innovation Officer of Tomato Sushi and Ocean Hugger Foods, the first company to address sashimi and raw sushi in the plant-based space. Bringing forth his culinary experiences from Europe, Asia, and the Americas, James helped to transform the narrative around seafood, ocean sustainability, and the future of food.  

A multi award winning chef, James is one of less than 70 Certified Master Chefs in the United States. As a plant-based entrepreneur James applies his focused expertise to build national and globally scaled enterprises.  Passionate about the future trajectory of food and global population James lectures extensively, supports research & product development and wellness projects within public and private sectors.