Joby KoffmanAbe's Dad and ChairmanAbe's Vegan Muffins
Joseph holds two critical titles at Abe’s Vegan Muffins: Founder and Abe’s Dad. 
For 33 years, brothers Joseph and Marty Koffman have been building large scale manufacturing businesses, producing everything from paper goods to chocolates, and now vegan muffins. 
With an Economics degree from Cornell (‘80) and a career in corporate finance on Wall Street, Joseph never thought he and his brother would create the 1st and best-selling nationally-branded vegan and allergy-friendly muffin. 
Long before the Plant-Based movement went mainstream, Joseph and Marty were already convincing retailers about opportunities within the all natural, “School-Friendly” and vegan category. 
Inspired by a son with severe food allergies, Joseph and Marty set out to create an every day, “School-Friendly” option for the millions of parents, like themselves, who otherwise must bake at home to ensure their kid feels included during snack and lunch time. 
Fast forward 6 years, and Abe’s West Nyack, New York facility now bakes, packs, and distributes over 1.5 million muffins each week! Abe’s 40% annual sales growth is outpacing that of the plant-based and allergy-friendly categories; to keep up with the demand, Abe’s just opened a second production facility.
Having witnessed, first-hand, the emerging space’s rapid growth, Joseph learned through trial and error, and ultimately mastered the best in-store merchandising practices for Abe’s to succeed. Joseph is excited to participate in Plant Based World’s 2021 panel and offer insight on the evolution of retail merchandising from a brand’s perspective. 
Joseph is a Co-owner and Member of Board of Directors Sunbelt/Ben Arnold Inc – Wine & Spirits Distributor
Joseph is also a Co-owner and Member of Board of Directors CircleNet, Inc – real estate and investment company