Rachel DreskinCEOPlant Based Foods Association
Leading the first and only trade association representing over 220 plant-based food companies in the US, Rachel joined the PBFA to enable continued success and scaling of the industry. Expanding on the strong foundation of PBFA’s work, Rachel is driving key strategies to address marketplace growth and our food system, with their plant-based food member companies at the heart of this work.
Prior to joining the Plant Based Foods Association, Rachel was the US Executive Director at Compassion in World Farming. Rachel also served as the Head of Food Business where she oversaw the growth and development of the organization’s corporate engagement program. As Executive Director, Rachel led Compassion USA’s growing role in forging a more humane and sustainable food and farming system through measurable farmed animal welfare improvements and protein diversification. 
Rachel also serves as board member of the Regenerative Organic Alliance and was co-chair of Global Animal Partnership board, has guest lectured at top US universities such as Stanford, University of California, Santa Cruz and University of Delaware, and has been featured in Bloomberg, Fortune Magazine, the Chicago Tribune, and more.