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September 11-12, 2024, JAVITS CENTER, NEW YORK

Consent of Speaker Release Form


I authorize Plant Based World Expo and its agents (Plant Based World Pulse, JD Events) to make audio and/or video recordings by any means and in any media (the “Recordings”) of my presentation, lecture or program described below (the “Presentation”) and to use my name, photograph and biographical information in connection with the reproduction, distribution and promotion of the Presentation and the Recordings. I understand that Plant Based World Expo will credit me as the author or source of the Presentation. I understand I have the right to alter or edit my presentation before it is distributed.

I retain any copyrights I may have in the Presentation. Nothing in this document shall limit my rights to publish or use the Presentation as I see fit.

I agree that Plant Based World Epxo will own the Recordings and all copyrights and other rights therein. I agree that Plant Based World Expo will have the irrevocable, worldwide right to make, copy, edit, publish, distribute, play, show, display and otherwise use and make available the Recordings and any works that may be derived from the Recordings, by any means and in any media now existing or hereafter invented, and to authorize others to do the same.

I understand and agree that I will not receive any royalties or other payment in connection with either the rights I have granted to Plant Based World in this document or the use and dissemination of the Recordings.

Neither my Presentation nor the grant of rights I have made to Plant Based World in this document infringes or violates any copyright or other right of, or breaches any obligation I have to, any other person or entity.