Nimai DelgadoFounderVegan Fitness

Nimai Delgado may look like a typical All American athlete, but there is much more to his story than meets the eye. Born and raised in south Mississippi in an Argentinian/Hindu family, Nimai is not your run of the mill “meathead”. He was born and raised as a lacto vegetarian due to his Hindu background. He quickly realized how to deal with criticism and how to blend in with the crowd in order to avoid the constant judgment of his southern neighbors. After graduating with his Mechanical Engineering degree from LSU, Nimai moved to California to start a new career and a new life on the west coast. During his time working within the monotonous corporate world, Nimai fell in love with the gym. He became intrigued with how to engineer his own body, leading him on an insatiable thirst for knowledge in regards to training techniques and nutrition. This is when he realized the unethical exploitation of the animal agriculture and dairy industry and decided to eliminate all animal products from his life and his diet and go fully plant based (at the time it was only dairy products). Around the same time, he became interested in competing in bodybuilding, where he won several overall titles and eventually became the first Vegan IFBB Professional in his category. Nimai has since left the engineering world to focus on his own business, where he has coached thousands of clients (both vegan and non-vegans) how to optimize their health and training. He is also primarily featured in James Cameron’s new documentary “The Game Changers”, been featured on the cover of Muscle And Fitness Magazine, and most recently began his own podcast Generation V which has been consistently ranked in the top 100 Health podcasts on ITunes. Although his career in the health industry has been very short, Nimai does not plan on stopping any time soon and has very big plans on helping humanity on a global level.