Dr. Pia SalkPsyD, MAPsychologist, Writer, Animal Advocate

Dr. Pia Salk specializes in social justice and the human-animal bond.

In both her clinical work and in her writing, Pia addresses topics ranging from the loss of a personal companion animal to the climate of animal welfare as it relates to social justice on a broader scale. 

One area of particular expertise is her understanding of the psychological reasons that threaten important alliances in animal activism and the resistance to lasting, tangible progress in the effort to alleviate the suffering for ALL animals.  

Dr Salk has also developed " Worldview Training," an inclusive approach to diversity training. 

Her model looks specifically at the human relationship to animals of other species as a way to understand how societal misuses of power impact marginalized individuals of all races, orientations, beliefs and species. 

Pia's insights delve into the nature of change, the psychology of food, and how best to navigate the uniquely defensive cultural response to humane dietary changes. 

According to Dr. Salk, "While the reasons to make changes in the direction of eliminating animal products are well substantiated by science, the emotional tenets of such change are largely ignored leaving individuals without much needed support."  

Pia's extensive involvement in the animal rescue efforts following Hurricane Katrina led to her work consulting for municipalities regarding humane reform and the need for critical changes in evacuation legislation to include companion animals.

Pia’s time is spent seeing clients, consulting, speaking nationally and continuing to write and make media appearances. You may recognize her as a frequent guest on the Martha Stewart Show. 

Pia is the spokesperson for www.Adopt-A-Pet.com where she is a contributing writer covering such topics as why adopting not only saves lives, but makes for good parenting and promotes pro-social behavior in today’s youth.

Dr. Salk is co-author of The Complete Dog Manual and The Complete Cat Manual. Her writing is also featured in Pet Loss and Human Emotion.

Dr. Salk's therapy practice includes in-person and tele therapy. Pia brings her own rescued animals into her clinical work. And she often credits the animals as being “the real therapists.”   


For more information, please contact Dr. Pia Salk at pia@drpiasalk.com