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June 7–8, 2019  •  Jacob K. Javits Convention Center  •  New York City

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Session Track: Eat for the Future Business Forum

The Eat For The Future Business Forum at Plant Based World welcomes trade and business professionals for 2 days of world-class education for retail, food service and brand developers.

Today's food landscape is evolving rapidly as more and more consumers are shifting away from traditional animal products towards more wholesome, sustainable and ethical options. Businesses across the food spectrum are seeking to better understand this new consumer mindset to build a foundation that can last for many years to come.

Over the past year alone plant-based food categories have grown by over 20%, compared to just 2% across all other categories.

Join us for this inaugural event where together we can come up with game changing solutions for the future of our food system and world!


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Eat for the Future Business Forum
Friday, June 7
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

How to Menu for the Flexitarian Consumer

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Megan Poinski
Senior Editor, Food Dive
Joe Charette
Executive Director, Rutgers Dining Services
Kate Jacoby
Co-Founder, Vedge
Michael Wurster
Culinary Director North East, Google

40% of Americans are actively seeking to cut down on meat consumption. The number of consumers identifying as flexitarians is rapidly increasing, and food service establishments risk losing out on business if they cannot provide options for this audience. Even with that understanding there comes a whole slew of unique challenges. This diverse panel will discuss the best ways to add plant-based options to the menu with your client-base in mind.

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Trends and Projections: Decoding the Data Around Retail Growth of Plant-Based Foods

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Jessica Hochman
Senior Manager of Natural Insights & Innovation Research, SPINS
Caroline Bushnell
Associate Director of Corporate Engagement, The Good Food Institute
Julie Emmett
Senior Director Retail Partnerships, Plant Based Foods Association
Jessica Pastore
Senior Analyst, Whole Foods Market

According to Nielsen Retail Data Commissioned by the Plant Based Foods Association in 2018, Plant-based foods are outpacing dollar sales of all retail foods by 10X. Sales are up 20% (topping $3.3 billion) since the previous year and are showing no signs of slowing down. This panel will dive deep into the latest retail trends and data, including which specific categories are driving this explosive growth and what the implications are for food manufacturers and retailers.

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Plant-Based Milks: Trends, Innovations and What's Next for the Largest Segment in the Space

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Kate Cox
Editor, New Food Economy
Julie Emsing Mann
Global Plant Protein Program Manager, Ingredion
Mike Messersmith
General Manager US, Oatly
Sandeep Patel
CFO, Califia Farms

The dairy alternative space has exploded in the past few years with plant-based milks now representing 15% of the total milk market. According to recent data, about 44% of milk-consuming Americans purchased both dairy and plant-based milk in the last year and Nielsen data from 2018 shows plant-based milk sales grew by 9% (up from 3% the previous year), while cow’s milk sales were down 6%. Almond milk still leads the category, but growing consumer awareness, coupled with improvements in processing, formulation and packaging are sparking interest in a wide variety of new offerings, including milk made from yellow peas, oats, macadamia nuts, and even bananas.  This panel will focus on what's next in the plant-based milk space, and how established and new brands can take advantage of this growing segment, innovating with alternative non-dairy bases, unique flavors, applications, enhanced nutrition profiles, and beyond.

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Trends and Opportunities in Food Service

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Zak Weston
Corporate Engagement Specialist, The Good Food Institute
Matthew de Gruyter
Co-founder and CEO, Next Level Burger
Patrik Hellstrand
CEO, by Chloe.
Andrew Rigie
Executive Director, NYC Hospitality Alliance
April Tam Smith
Founder, P.S. Kitchen

Whether it's a 100% vegan burger joint, an upscale restaurant adding plant-based menu options, or a classic fast food chain that's decided to add a vegan product to their menu, plant-based foods are becoming more prominent in the world of restaurants and food service. Around 40% of Americans order plant-based options in restaurants and eateries that introduce vegan or plant-based items on their menus often see a great increase in sales. This panel will focus on brands and companies that are captivating this new trend and working to provide a more diverse set of options for a wide audience.

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Culinary Workshop: The Philosophical Shift Towards a Plant-Based Kitchen

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Brad Barnes
Director of Consulting, The Culinary Institute of America

Understanding plant-based cooking requires a fundamental overhaul of everything you've ever known as a chef or restaurant professional. Brad Barnes of The Culinary Institute of America specialized in helping culinary and food service professionals grasp this concept in a way that allows their careers and businesses to thrive like never before.

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Know Your Legal Rights and Responsibilities (Presented by the Plant Based Foods Association)

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Michele Simon
Executive Director, Plant Based Foods Association
Rebecca Cross
Founding Partner, Greenfare Law LLC
Lauren Handel
Principal Attorney, Handel Food Law LLC
August Horvath
Partner, Foley Hoag

While all food companies have to comply with basic food safety and labeling rules, plant-based food companies face additional legal threats and challenges thanks to outdated definitions of meat and dairy terms. In addition, new food labeling rules are coming into effect at the federal level, while states across the country are passing laws that could impact your labels, while providing class action attorneys new opportunities to sue companies not in compliance. Don’t wait until you need an attorney when it’s too late, come learn how to minimize the risk of legal headaches and how to fight back.

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Case Studies in Retail (Tesco) and Restaurants (Bareburger)

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Euripides Pelekanos
CEO, Bareburger
Derek Sarno
Chef & Director of Plant-Based Innovation, Tesco

#1 Chef-Driven Plant-Based Prepared Foods Developed for a Grocery Chain (Tesco) 
Tesco recently brought on plant-based chef Derek Sarno to help develop a line of plant-based prepared foods to be sold in stores across the UK. This discussion will focus on the process of developing items for the line and will track the success and growth of Wicked Kitchen as an example of how other major retailers can capitalize on plant-based trends to diversify their clientele and expand offerings.
#2 Plant-Based Menu Items at a Fast Casual Burger Joint (Bareburger) 

The fast-casual burger joint is a staple of American culture. New York based chain, Bareburger, is leading the way in maintaining the atmosphere and flavor that is typical of a burger restaurant while also integrating a diverse range of plant-based options. This case study will dive into the success that Bareburger has had generating over 25% of it's business from the plant-based side of the menu. 


4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The Strategic Plan to Reduce Global Reliance on Animals in the Food System (presented by Eat For The Planet)

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Nil Zacharias
Founder, Eat For The Planet
Bruce Friedrich
Co-founder and Executive Director, The Good Food Institute
Chris Kerr
Chief Investment Officer, New Crop Capital

Less than 10 years ago, plant-based protein meant blocks of tofu and a plant-based burger largely meant an assortment of vegetables mashed up and formed into a patty. The dairy-free milk aisle featured soy milk and perhaps a few other unappetizing options. Cheese, egg and other protein alternatives? Fogetaboutit! Yet, here we are today, with plant-based burgers becoming nearly indistinguishable from "the real thing", dairy-free milks capturing 13% of market share of liquid milk sales and an assortment of cheese, egg and other protein alternatives being launched at a dizzying pace. As we witness this take place, we can't ignore the role that some people and organizations have been playing quietly for years. Some of them went from passionate activists to becoming leading voices at the forefront of the movement, using markets and food technology to transform our food system.

Bruce Friedrich of the Good Food Institute and Chris Kerr of New Crop Capital are two such people. 

This discussion will provide a behind the scenes insight into how and when this strategic shift began. Chris and Bruce will share perspectives on how the industry itself has evolved in the past 10 years and where they predict things are heading from an investment, technology and cultural standpoint.

Saturday, June 8
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Plant-Based Foods are Heating up Grocery Aisles: Exploring the Retail Opportunities and Success Stories

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Phil Lempert
Food Trends Editor, NBC
Beena Goldenberg
CEO, Hain-Celestial Canada
Martin Kruger
Chief Operating Officer, Follow Your Heart
Tim Miller
Senior Grocery Category Manager, Earth Fare

Retailers and brands share success stories and strategies to get more plant-based options in stores and efforts to engage consumers who are interested in trying new options. From strategic placement, to branding and education campaigns, brands and retailers will share insights on how to they have been able increase visibility of their products and accessibility for consumers, which consequently translated into sales growth.

11:45 AM - 12:45 PM

Growing Your Brand: Exploring Options Through Venture Capital, Strategic Partnerships, Acquisitions, and Beyond

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Lisa Feria
CEO, StrayDog Capital
Andy Levitt
Founder & CEO, Purple Carrot
Emily Linett
Associate Manager Strategic Initiatives, Tyson Ventures
T.K. Pillan
Partner and Co-founder, PowerPlant Ventures

There are many ways to grow and scale a brand as interest in plant-based foods increases. This panel will explore the options that work best for different companies at different stages to help brands achieve optimal growth and scalability.

2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

The Next Generation of Retail Brands: Success with Integrity

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Stephen Bronner
News Director,
Annie Ryu
CEO and Founder, The Jackfruit Company
Sadrah Schadel
Co-Founder and Chief Brand and Innovation Officer, No Evil Foods
Miyoko Schinner
CEO and Founder, Miyoko's Kitchen

From selling at farmer's markets, cooking up product ideas in their apartment kitchens, experimenting with new ingredients, to launching with e-commerce first, these new leaders in the plant-based food world are proving you don't always need to "follow the rules" to succeed. This panel will focus on the underdogs who were able to turn their passion projects into full-blown profitable businesses and have now broken into retail, while maintaining their company mission and brand integrity. Panelists will discuss the evolving retail space and share tips and strategies for entrepreneurs looking to elevate their brands to the next level, while staying firmly grounded in authenticity.  

3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

The Future of Seafood: Opportunities in Plant-Based and Cellular Aquaculture

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Jason Huffman
Senior Reporter, Undercurrent News
David Benzaquen
CEO and Co-founder/Founder & Chairman, Ocean Hugger Foods/PlantBased Solutions
Lou Cooperhouse
President and Founder, BlueNalu
Chad Sarno
Co-founder and VP of Culinary, Good Catch Foods

Within the alternative protein space, seafood is the most underserved category. This panel will discuss innovation in the plant-based food space to create superior seafood products that can be used in a variety of applications from sushi to sandwiches as well as get into the promising new world of cellular-aquaculture.

4:30 PM - 5:30 PM

Workshop: The Intersection of Food Tech and Nutrition

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Sherene Chou MS, RD
Chair, Vegetarian Practice Group, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
Phaedra Randolph
CEO & Founder, Spero Foods

As the global demand of plant based foods increase, there is a need to consider how technology can play a role to impact nutrition through the development of plant-based foods. What are the ways new plant based alternatives are targeting to achieve healthy products? This session will discuss the intersection of food science and nutrition guidelines. Join us in creating a dialogue on how we can build a sustainable food system while addressing nutrition concerns.

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